SunZoil™ is ZeaKal’s second technology focused on improving yields and oil content for seed crops such as soybeans, canola and camelina. The seed is a natural energy sink for the plant, and the amount of nutrition and energy the plant puts into seed production depends on the sink strength. Over time, farmers have bred and selected for higher seed and oil yields largely by increasing the competitiveness of the seed to attract more nutrients from the rest of the plant’s needs.

SunZoil seeks to further increase seed and oil yield per acre beyond what has been possible by traditional breeding. This single trait has been shown to increase seed oil content to unprecedented levels. The technology works synergistically with PhotoSeed™ as it allows a disproportionately higher amount of the extra energy produced by PhotoSeed to be allocated into seed production.

PhotoSeed and SunZoil are trademarks of ZeaKal, Inc.