Plants are the foundation of agriculture and just a few crops provide the majority of the calories we consume. Since the advent of agriculture, humans have domesticated plants to effectively store the energy as more food or fiber. With the rise of trait technologies and crop protection, we also added the ability to preserve yield by protecting the seed and plants from predation, disease and competition from weeds.

Despite all this innovation, the photosynthesis of modern crops still falls well short of their genetic potential.

To put it another way, while we have optimized how plants store energy, we have not increased how efficiently they create it.

PhotoSeed™ is a next generation trait technology that sustainably increases photosynthesis while also improving compositional quality in seed crops. By creating a new pathway with just two genes that builds on the plant’s natural biochemistry, we have created a simple solution to a complex problem. The simplistic nature of PhotoSeed means that our technology can be developed with relative ease across species, providing up to double digit increases in yield.

PhotoSeed is a trademark of ZeaKal, Inc.